About Final Exam

Following questions from the text book are just a guide for the final exam.

- B8.4, B8.5, B8.7, B8.8, B8.9, B8.10, B8.11

- B9.1, B9.2, B9.6, B9.7, B9.10,

- B10.2, B10.3, B10.4, B10.11, B10.12, B10.13, B10.15, B10.16, B10.18, B10.19, B10.20

-A11.1, A11.4, B11.1, B11.2, B11.3, B11.4


check syllabus !!

Reference book is:

System Dynamics, 4th Edition by Katsuhiko Ogata 

Matlab/Simulink Reference: Tutorial